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Worlds is the debut studio album of American electronic musician Porter Robinson, released via Astralwerks on August 12, 2014. A synthpop album, it features complextro, electronic and bass house elements and is considered a departure from Robinson's previous "bass-fueled" style.

Worlds was succeeded by Worlds Remixed, a guest remix compilation of the album's original tracks, in 2015.


During 2012 and 2013, while touring for his single "Language", Robinson began to grow increasingly tired of the commercial EDM scene present at the time, citing it as "entertainment, not art" and saying that "by trying to incorporate DJ-friendly and dance-friendly elements into [his] music, [he] was often compromising and making songs worse."[1] Because of this, he instead decided to focus on making an album that was true to himself and had personal meaning for him,[2] particularly channeling his interest in Japanese culture such as Vocaloids, anime, and video games.[3]


"Sea of Voices"Edit

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Robinson remained quiet about the album throughout 2013 and early 2014, though on March 3, 2014, he unexpectedly released its first single, "Sea of Voices", during the Oscars,[4] and it emerged into a worldwide trend on Twitter.

"Sad Machine"Edit

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The album's second single, "Sad Machine", was announced on May 5[5] and released May 13, 2014. It features vocals from the Vocaloid AVANNA, as well as Robinson's own vocals.


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"Lionhearted", featuring indietronica band Urban Cone, was released as the third single from Worlds in June for the United States and August for the United Kingdom.


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"Flicker", the album's fourth single, was released along with a music video on July 29, 2014.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Divinity" (feat. Amy Millan) 6:08
2. "Sad Machine" 5:50
3. "Years of War" (feat. Breanne Düren & Sean Caskey) 3:56
4. "Flicker" 4:39
5. "Fresh Static Snow" 5:58
6. "Polygon Dust" (feat. Lemaitre) 3:29
7. "Hear the Bells" (feat. Imaginary Cities) 4:46
8. "Natural Light" 2:21
9. "Lionhearted" (feat. Urban Cone) 4:26
10. "Sea of Voices" 4:58
11. "Fellow Feeling" 5:50
12. "Goodbye to a World" 5:28


Concept artEdit

Beginning on July 14, 2014, Robinson posted twenty-eight concept art pieces on Twitter as a countdown leading up to the release of Worlds.


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