"Fellow Feeling" is the eleventh track on Porter Robinson's debut album, Worlds. It features uncredited vocals from YouTuber and vocalist Amanda Lee.


"Fellow Feeling" was one of the first songs written for Worlds. Initially, Robinson wanted it to be "a very pretty thing", but it ultimately turned into "this very, like, hateful, violent, like, ugly thing". In the Spotify commentary of the album, he said that he wanted listeners to "feel what [he] felt" when it came to "aggressive" and "heavy" electronic music.[1]


I cried, for I didn't think it could be true
That you and I might've always known one another
And that we could not only evoke, but conjure a place of our own
And everywhere that has ever existed
It was all in service of our dreams
Now please, hear what I hear

Let me explain
This ugliness, this cruelty, this repulsiveness
It will all die out
And now, I cry for all that is beautiful

Let me explain



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